The Miracle in Minerals is a Curse for Odors

I'll admit it, I sweat. Why people are so ashamed of this, I have no idea. It's natural; it's detoxifying. But somehow we were made to believe that sweating is horrible and embarrassing, so the marketplace has been flooded with products that actually stop us from sweating. For a while I bought into this. I bought "clinical strength" antiperspirants with 20%+ of Aluminum Chlorohydrate compounds as active ingredients, and was continually impressed at how not one drop of sweat could be found under my arms, even after a long, hot day. Suddenly, I began to find this alarming. A chemical preventing a natural and harmless bodily function didn't seem right.

Not only are there links to serious health problems but Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex GLY actually contributes to those unsightly sweat stains on your light colored shirts. When mixed with sweat, it can turn yellow and become a pain when trying to remove from your clothing, oftentimes being impossible to wash out. Sweat was never the enemy that ruined your white shirts, it was the chemical. Although I would miss antiperspirants and the absence of visible perspiration, I didn't want to ruin my health or my clothes. Deodorants are now the only option.

Hugo Naturals and Millcreek Botanicals Deodorants

I had always used solid stick deodorants so that's what I stuck to when I made the switch. Hugo Naturals Mexican Lime & Bergamot Deodorant feels moisturizing and smells fresh and invigorating. Whenever my underarms are in need of soothing from razor burn or chafing, I find this to comfort them. MillCreek Botanicals Herbal Deodorant has a milder scent and tends to leave a dryer residue behind, causing a bit of friction when moving my arms around. They both use extracts such as Tea Tree Oil and Witch Hazel to help fight bacteria and smell, among other essential oils. As much as I wish for these ingredients to rid myself of all smell, they don't completely achieve this task. And then I stumbled upon something truly amazing: mineral salts.

Crystal Body Deodorant Stick

This is where Crystal steps in. After not having much success in masking smell with previous natural deodorants, I stumbled upon a rock. Well, polished stone, really. It advertized that it would eliminate smell completely, and there was only one ingredient: Ammonium Alum. After one use, I was convinced. Mineral salts are amazingly effective in killing the bacteria that cause odor. However, the stone can contain air bubbles within the crystal and when you reach them, the edges of the bubble tend to become jagged and can scratch you. So I tried the liquid roll-on instead.

Crystal Essence Roll On Deodorants

The Crystal Essence Roll-On is much smoother and performs in the same smell eliminating way. Since this is a liquid, it's no longer Ammonium Alum; instead it is Potassium Alum, which is said to be better for sensitive skin. The only issue I had was that it didn't seem to dry fast enough after application, and even when it reached its driest form, it was still gooey. I would have to wait about 10-15 minutes before putting on clothing. I found this to be a hassle, and since I was very much in love with Potassium Alum, I went back in a desperate search for a consistency that would work for me.

Crystal Essence Spray Deodorants

Finally I bought Crystal Essence's Body Spray. Yes it is still a liquid, but it seems to dry much faster than the roll-on. The only difference between the two formulations is Cellulose, so this must be the ingredient in the roll-on that slows the drying process and makes it stickier. Plus in spray form, this deodorant can be used pretty much anywhere. Want to wear that shirt just one more time before it needs a wash? Spray. Those shoes too stinky after a long day? Spray. The dreaded public spray and it's significantly more pleasant. Seriously, I have this stuff on me at all times and it has come in handy more than I can remember.

All of Crystal's scented products are mild in scent and don't interfere much with anything else you fragrance yourself with. But remember, it's more about what you do not smell that's important.

Published 8/27/2014 by Victoria